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How Can I Get Involved?

The members of the Arbeitskreis work closely together. At the same time some members have taken on a specific duty or have found special niches to enrich the overall potential of the group and broaden the range of offerings. Meetings are held once a month, usually in the town hall in Roth. At these meetings, we plan and prepare upcoming activities, discuss ideas for future projects, determine what the next year’s schedule will be, and assign responsibilities and duties.

Michael Weller, Dr. Frances Schwarzenberger-Kesper, and Judith Oehler are responsible for educational outreach. They conduct the guided tours of the synagogue for schoolchildren.

Annemarie Schlag’s focus is Jewish History in Fronhausen. She gives guided tours of Fronhausen and its Jewish cemetery.

Friedel Schultheis and  Otto Weimar are our photographers.

The managing board takes care of public relations, especially coordinating work with journalists and newspapers.

Most members give tours of the synagogue and Roth.

The synagogue is regularly open to the public from 2-5 pm on the second and fourth Sunday of every month from May to September. All members help out with the opening hours, usually in groups of two.

Individual members choose for themselves how to get involved in activities and memorial ceremonies.

We do rely on everyone to lend a helping hand when it’s time to get the synagogue ready for an event – everything from setting up the chairs to cleaning up afterwards.

We go on an education trip together every year. This keeps us up-to-date on relevant topics and helps bring us together as a group. We often visit sites of Jewish life and/or Nazi persecution in other rural areas or in larger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne. We also take day trips to attend the memorial services and activities of other groups in our area.

We’d be happy to have you join our efforts in any of these areas! If you have any ideas or would like to get involved, please visit us when the synagogue is open or come talk to us at one of our events.

You can also contact members of the managing board directly.


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